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“Throughout our lives we’re given invitations to transform. These invitations come in the form of crisis and it teaches us how to step into our own truth. When life brings you to your knees, its time to accept the invitation and begin to live authentically.”

“My experience of rape, intimate partner violence and 20 years of depression, which culminated in a failed suicide attempt, was the catalyst for me to change my life. I use my story as one of hope to bring about real transformation and healing.”

Girl On Fire

“She wore the ashes of her ruin


As a crown


The fire which came to consume her


Stayed as friend


Whispered secrets only flame will ever know


Ablaze in her eyes


Her song rises




In full flight


Shaking the heavens


With the sound of truth” – Vivashan.

The Book

Girl on Fire is an invitation for anyone who is willing, to step into the power of truth and their own light. The book encapsulates an honest, raw and poignant account of a life fraught with lessons and the triumph of the human spirit. The author’s failed suicide attempt in 2014 became the catalyst for massive change and daring to live a life that defies societal conditioning.
Girl on Fire is a story of redemption, transformation, hope and inspiration, lending itself to the Greek mythology, that from the ashes, a phoenix will emerge. Girl on Fire is the testament to that. 

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