When Letting Go Is The ONLY Choice You Have

I hate needles, but I have three tattoos. Strange? Maybe not. Physical pain is a relative, subjective thing. Like childbirth. Any mother who has had a baby born naturally would agree that labour pain is the most awful thing to endure – yet we still continue to create life! That is relativity. Emotional pain is different. Heart break, loss, rejection, failure…..those feelings can never be measured.

Someone I love dearly – who shared my life, my secrets, my hopes and my dreams – made a decision to remove me entirely from their life. No more shared conversations about our daily frustrations, money issues, embarrassing moments or the joy that I got from my children. It is over. I mourned for six months. I did not want to accept rejection. I could not believe that one argument could result in this finality. I sought intervention, I got angry, resentful and fought hard and long and then finally after six months of suffering. I let go.

I am stuck in a job that gives me no satisfaction or personal growth. I dreamt constantly of the degree I should have had, pursuing my love for the arts and being settled and happy in a thriving career. Instead, I am in a cut throat environment that pays a great salary but leaves no gratification or a sense of pride. The knowledge of what I should have been and now can never be because of a lack of education plagued me for years. Until now. I let go.

When enough is enough

When the reality of who you really married does not measure up to the fantasy in your head.

When the love of your life has walked away or cheated on you.

When the love of your life has been taken away tragically.

When your son or daughter, mother or father has disowned you.

When you are not the success that society dictates you should be.

When you don’t have all the money in the world.

When you are not as pretty as so and so.

When you have a fallout with your best friend/in laws/spouse/parents.

When you have an awful job.

Let Go.

For letting go doesn’t mean that you are weak. It means that you are strong enough to know that fighting or holding onto emotional baggage of any kind only brings extended pain and suffering. Happiness would elude you if you constantly think of the past or what could have been or should have been. Your “Master Plan” needs to unfold and every trial is a lesson to be learnt. Every missed opportunity means that something better is around the corner. That insight will only come, when you let go.

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May 22, 2012 1:04 pm

Life is such my friend, its tough but the challenges in life is a test from God, to test how strong we are!

Letizia Pillay
Letizia Pillay
May 30, 2012 7:03 am

Letting go is the only way I guess and it makes perfect sense, what we may regard as a life that is unsuccessful and far from the idea we always had in our head about what our life should be…appears sucessful and full in the eyes of one standing and watching. The only way to let go is to know that God has a specific plan and purpose for our life and that everything happens for a reason.

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