The Diary of a Mad Nanny Hirer

Interviewing for a nanny to care for my kids has become somewhat of a game.  Eight nannies in two years? Well I am starting to question whether the problem is me. Number eight sent me a text on the morning that she was meant to arrive last week saying “I have got another job. I will not be coming back. Thanks for everything”.  So much for loyalty or a basic work ethic! I was such a good boss too. I was kind and friendly and generous and overlooked a lot of bad behaviour but still the allure of more money and less work seemed to be the attraction. Sigh.

So began the madness to find number nine within one day.

Mr G thought it wise to spread the word to every man and his dog and happily sat back to watch the drama unfold as I fielded calls from potential candidates left, right and centre. Being highly strung and having to deal with maniacs is a recipe for disaster.

The Applicants

Caller one (C1)

[cell phone rings- I answer – note no “Hello” at the beginning]  

C1:                  I’m coming Saturday.

Me:                 Excuse me? Who am I speaking to?

C1:                   It’s me. I am coming Saturday. I will do that job.

Me:                 Pardon? I don’t know who this is? Where did you get my number?

C1:                  That man gave me the number. I will come. Ok thanks.

Me:                 Which man? What exactly are you going to do on Saturday?

C1:                  That man over that side gave me the number. I will do the job. I can look after the children. I will see you Saturday.

Caller two (C2)

C2:                  Hi Mrs. It is the security.

Me:                 Hi. Complex security?

C2:                  Yes Mrs. Your husband tells me you need someone to look after the children?

Me:                 Yes I do. Have you got someone to help?

C2:                  Yes Mrs. My nephew. He is good and can come tomorrow.

Me:                 Nephew? You mean niece? Girl, right?

C2:                  Yes Mrs. He is a girl. He wears girl clothes.

Me:                 Let me chat to my husband and I will get back to you.

Enough said.

What pains me, aside from the fact that some men have no clue about the logical way of doing things, is that it is so hard to find people who value their jobs! If you are a working mum and have no support system, it is torturous having to rely on nannies who have you at their mercy.

Fortunately my dear friend managed to find someone suitable – saving Mr G from couch duty and saving my sanity from further interviews!

Incidentally caller one appeared on Saturday morning to “do that job” but luckily caller two was on duty and sent her on her merry way.

Oh the joys of being a working mum!

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July 20, 2012 11:43 am

Tivania, you’re a hoot!

Jessica Sophia
Jessica Sophia
July 23, 2012 11:01 am

Urgh, I was on the opposite end. I au paired for a couple who took little to no interest in their kids (basically filling their days with after school activities so they wouldn’t have to deal with them) and they got away with murder. Plus I was paid peanuts. It grates me when parents aren’t willing to pay properly for child care. That’s one of the things that’s actually worth paying for, to my mind.

Jessica Sophia
Jessica Sophia
August 15, 2012 11:34 am

The whole thing kind of put me off for good actually ?

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