The Awakening

I am a soul that’s timeless, housed in a physical body that has given life.

I am a soul that’s pure, untainted by the bludgeoning of circumstance.

I am a soul that’s innocent, a believer that hope and goodness reside within people intrinsically.

I am a soul that’s fuelled with unbridled happiness, childlike and abundant.

I am a soul that’s sensual, relentless in my pursuit of passion.

I am a soul personified as the glorification of love in its purest form.

I am a soul that’s the epitome of peace, graceful under fire.

I am a soul that’s expansive, operating from a place of kindness.

This is the essence of who I am as a woman, as a human, as a soulful being navigating my way through the tumultuousness of life, vacillating between the ebbs and flows.

All my trials, tribulations and mistakes have spurred a transitioning where I have discovered that I am a soul worth tending, the true culmination of the super and natural.

I am awake.

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