Spiritual Enlightenment

The concept of spiritual enlightenment felt, for me, like new-age nonsense. I imagined people standing in a circle singing Kumbaya, holding hands under the moonlight.

Religion equally, felt like an indoctrination of antiquated ritualistic behaviour that had no place in modern society. I didn’t want to subscribe to any of that. I wanted to be “evolved”, scientific and modern.

Needless to say, I’ve been doing things the ass way about.

Like most humans, we engage in destructive behaviour to anaesthetise pain and emotion. We drink and medicate it away, we eat ourselves into oblivion and then wonder why we feel like crap physically and emotionally. It was only until I flipped it around and focussed on the spiritual aspect first that true revelation and restoration began.

The best part about ruin is that it is the road to transformation. If you’re lucky enough to pay attention. The one thing that I began to do was have conversations with God and remain focussed on the now. I conditioned myself to silence my mind and not become obscured with extraneous matter. It is a challenge every single day to drown out the prevalent thoughts and fears which I’ve become accustomed to.

I’ve cultivated the art of gratitude for little things which have expanded into very big things. I’m slowly adopting the art of silence and being awake in stillness. I’ve never actually been as conscious as I am right now.

The law of quantum physics refers to cause and effect. Common knowledge. What science doesn’t make provision for is the miracles that happen as a result of a power much higher than that which we understand.

God has revealed Himself to me and proven that He is available upon request. All that is required is a level of honesty and humility.  Spirituality is the way you live your life.

Consciously and on purpose. Consistently and fully present. Authentically.
Fearlessly with complete surrender.

Even without conventional success, the inner peace I now possess cannot be quantified. And despite provocation from unenlightened people, life lessons still to be learnt and normal challenges I will encounter, I will always remain true to my essence.

I guess life has come full circle – into the Light.

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