When did we stop singing?

When did we stop dancing?

When did we stop telling stories?

When did we stop being still and silent?

Life happens to all of us. I know I have been stuck in a perpetual state of darkness instead of being in a state of love, which is to be alive.

I’ve held, like a badge, names I have grown accustomed to calling myself: victim, unworthy, not good enough, hopeless, failure…the list is endless. My dreams have been stymied with the lessons life threw at me and I lost myself along the way.

This past weekend, I had the privilege of being involved in a workshop that transformed my life. The SOAR Institute, founded by Gavin Friedman and Riaad Isaacs, is an organisation aimed at tapping into the potential that is inherent in all of us. It involves a complete paradigm shift and alters the most ingrained way of negative thinking. My visceral thoughts have been blocked and dominated by fear and feeling sorry for myself. It was time to take accountability for the fact that the state of my life was entirely my doing. And now, I had to let go. The process was painful and emotional. It reduced me to a sobbing mess and made me sick to my stomach. Years spent fighting endlessly, fuelled by resentment and aggression and pain did nothing except break ME down. I was done with it and it was done with me.

What this workshop taught me is that every single experience has been a lesson and was necessary for me as part of my journey. My purpose in this world is for me to tell a story, to inspire, motivate and encourage. That is who I am. I am not a victim. Experiences have defined me for too long and I have lost touch with my authenticity, hiding behind my scars and living in a downward abyss. What I failed to understand and see was that I had a history of VICTORY. I am in a fortunate position to really know myself now and that is empowering.

I am peace. And I am finally aligned to where I am going. Knowing is simply not enough. If I want it, I have to LIVE it, BE it and DO it.

It’s a brand new kinda me.

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