Red My Lips: On Making Visible The Fight Against Sexual Violence


She was 8. He was 42.

Her innocence and purity was untainted. She trusted him. He knew that. He was calculated. Cunning. Manipulative. A psychopath who exploited that trust and abused it in the worst possible way.

On a random night, he consciously chose to poke, prod and pry open her innocence, taking from her what was pure and using it for his own sick gratification.

She was neither sexually provocative, nor suggestive. Most perpetrators who violate women or children grasp at threads looking for excuses to validate or justify their behaviour.

He said she made it up.

She was troubled, he said.

He pitied her. Offered his support.

People believed him.

Except me. I know the truth. And I will never be silenced.


I will wear red lipstick for the month of April to show my support to victims of sexual abuse. Age is limitless. Any girl or woman who has been violated deserves a voice and deserves to be heard, supported and applauded for her choice to speak up. Let us not be silenced. 


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