Poetic Justice

As a writer, words are the very essence of who I am. So if I happen upon beautiful musings, I feel compelled to share it.

Poetry is one of those things that encapsulate the expression of beauty and art. I voraciously devour it, feeding my overtly romantic nature. It fills me with emotion that cannot be explained in words.

I am fortunate enough to have a friend who is immensely talented and now awake enough to share his talent with the world. I have selected a few of his pieces that touched me deeply, in the hope that it would evoke some feeling in you.

To Viv:

Your gift is inherently the essence of who you are. Share it. We aren’t here to play small!

From Your SOAR sister


The Tides of Love

I answer this yearning,

Uncontrollably, this call to myself

That pulls me toward you

I rise, carried by your love

Reaching the highest heights of myself

And safely do I fall to you

When I break to my lowest depths,

Finding myself anew

Upon feeling your touch

As the full moon of your smile

Warms each drop of my heart

I come again to Life,

Rushing to you,

Melting into you,

Flowing with eternal Oneness,

Dancing a never-ending Joy,

Splashing Love’s canvas

With the colours You and I.


Love We Are

From moment to moment I wait

To be with you but for a minute

I would give up lifetimes well lived

For a small piece of happiness shared

With the soul of my soul


In whom I complete and am complete


Whose smile is all it takes to calm my storms

And when I die in the nights of your leave

Only You,

Bring the sun back to life

Never did I long to live forever

Till the day You and I chose to remember,

Love we are and Love we make,

Loving always for Heaven’s sake.


When I breathed You In

Light of Love, you have touched my spirit,

Left Your eternal waves on the ocean of my soul

Gave me new vision to see with wonder

Forever within a single moment’s embrace

Made me still, held me in silence

Listened with me to the voice of the Universe,

As She sang in ecstatic celebration,

Songs of joy as the two became One

Sharing a space just big enough for You and I,

Yet bigger than any dream I had ever seen,

You spoke aloud my thoughts, so long unspoken

And we gave of ourselves only what was ours to receive

I am finally free, infinite in our togetherness

Warmed by the rays of the sun of our Love

At last I can say I have lived true happiness,

Even if for just a fragile whisper in time

My Life, my Love, my Joy unending,

Forever Yours and forever mine.

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