Phoenix Rising

Over the last few days I’ve learnt some very important lessons, the biggest of which was discovered today:


  • Grace follows me wherever I go,
  • No act of kindness and love is ever lost,
  • We are all exactly the same fundamentally.


I happened upon these lessons in a very beautiful way. It began a few days ago when I felt really down. The spiritual being of me often wins the fight against my human ego, but over the last few days, my light began to dim.


Like most of us who experience a spiritual awakening, we have the ability to feel really intensely. And we place impossible measurements for ourselves, of standards we wish to live by. Over the last few days, I’ve been trying really hard to bring myself out of a funk. And the funk was really of my own making. I felt unseen. I felt like I didn’t actually make a tangible difference with what I do. I felt like a fraud. And those are very unkind feelings to subscribe to. As a result, self-love got replaced with self-deprecation.


The Universe though, in Her infinite wisdom, truly knows the inherent beat of my heart and decided to reveal to me, via some wonderful people, the power of the magnitude of Grace.


My friend, Sam, became the mirror I needed at the exact time I needed to see myself. She said to me the things I needed to hear and reminded me of what I chose to stop seeing in myself. She became my compass.


Then, today, I had the honour of receiving messages from some of the guys I managed a few years ago while I was still in the corporate jungle. I didn’t think I did anything significant for these men but three of them chose-randomly (or perhaps not)-to tell me today the role I played in changing their lives. Three, young Black men. The other day I received a message from an unknown, also Black, man who told me the same thing, that I’ve inspired him to complete his own book. This taught me that no act of kindness-however small-is ever lost. I can’t remember what I did for the three men that I managed, but evidently it was big enough for them to remember it, and me, almost five years later. Also, the fact that I write under the experience of an Indian woman, is something Black men can relate to and find inspiring. And that for me is absolutely amazing. It shows me that we are all more alike than we are different. And our desires to be seen, valued, appreciated and loved is fundamental, regardless of age, race, religion or social standing.


I’m so grateful today. I’m humbled and I’m inspired. My spirit is intact and my heart is full. And in a way that was completely unexpected. It’s an affirmation that we get from this world what we give to this world.


And in my moments of weakness, I am reminded of who I TRULY am. And I’m in awe of how this Universe works.



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