Pathway to Nirvana

We live in a society where success is measured by impressive titles. Women work hard to climb the corporate ladder and often sacrifice themselves in a quest to achieve the six figure income – the proverbial dream. The allure of living in comfort outweighing the sacrifice. This often results in people living existential lives, moving in autopilot and not actually taking a moment to remain still. Childhood dreams are often supressed, if not entirely dismissed. Sound familiar?

Praveena Boodhoo (42) spent 25 years mounting the rungs to achieve enviable success within the fast paced financial sector. She was the protagonist in her own story, yet the yearning in her soul for ‘something’ never left her. In March this year, without a back-up plan, Praveena left the career she spent half a decade slogging for. With nothing more than the desire to start living authentically, Praveena, unlike a lot of women, chose the path less travelled and surrendered the dream for a higher calling.

Born with the gift of foresight, Praveena travelled the streets of Egypt, Ireland, India, Singapore, Kuala Lampur and Mauritius in search of meaning. Fuelled by the need to lift her soul to its highest calling, Praveena enrolled in several courses to master the art of healing, certifying as a Reiki Master and Yoga Instructor who is also certified to perform massage therapy.

Pathway to Nirvana was born from the dream to give back. By combining her different forms of therapy, Praveena aims at providing holistic wellbeing – a sensory experience that affects the mind as well. This tenure has brought about the most joy and fulfilment than any title she could have gotten over the years. The risk of leaving the stability and lifestyle that the corporate world brings has proved to be worthwhile now that Praveena is living her dream. And there is no price attached to living authentically.

If you wish to make enquiries regarding any treatments on offer both spiritual and physical, Praveena can be contacted via e-mail at

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