On Gratitude

I needed to lose my mind to find my way. I’ve longed for empathy from a world that’s so hard. I know what hell looks like and I’ve made it out alive.

Because of it, loss made room for the unknown to enter.

When all that I’ve known has been mediocre, I now face the extraordinary, the manifestation of my every dream and desire. And I am grateful.

Grateful for the losses and failures that transformed me.

Grateful for the learning that cannot be unlearnt.

Grateful for the honesty that I possess to relay my story.

Grateful for the Hope and Grace and Love and Joy that surely follows a dark day.

More than that, I am grateful for the knowledge that there is a higher power who knows me, who loves me and provides me with everything that I know I am deserving of. And therein lies the power of the law of attraction.

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