My review on THAT book

I have succumbed to the hype. I admit that I have read THAT BOOK. Ok, maybe just the one and not the whole three part series – but book one was enough to spur me on to write this post.

If you haven’t heard, where the hell have you been? 50 Shades of Grey has become the book of choice for bored housewives, single career women – married women even – all over the world!  So what exactly is the fuss all about? I will tell you.

Christian Grey.

One part grey eyed Adonis billionaire, another part sadistic, control freak who takes possession of young virgin Anastasia Steele and catapults her into a world of lavishness, luxury and the kind of sex that would make your mother blush. Sexually explicit – bordering on pornographic scenes – and that kind of hedonistic romance is a winning combination for die hard romantics who want a form of escapism from their otherwise mundane lives.

Can we also assume from the popularity of the book that women secretly LIKE porn? I can say that the scenes did make me blush. Albeit kinky and somewhat perverse – this book for me demonstrates the need for love, unbridled passion and the fantasy of exploring the unknown that a billionaire’s lifestyle can afford is what resonates with women all over the world.

I don’t know how the story ends. I have to devour books two and three in the next week to find that out. Once I do, I will report back.

Laters, baby.

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July 20, 2012 11:37 am

Hey Tivs – i’ve finished book One and almost finished book Two, and LOVING it! The steamy scenes are just that, steamy, but the storyline is SO captivating! Enjoy the 50 Shades Deeper and 50 Shades Freed

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