Loving Me

Loving me won’t be easy. I break myself down with the same intensity it takes to build myself up again. Losing everything, to gain the appreciation when it’s easy. I know it’s harder this way, but I will hope that what’s meant to be, will stay.

Don’t go skin deep, everything you need from me is below the surface.

Put me in my place but remember that I won’t stand for anything worse than first.

Stare directly at my faults with compassion. I promise you, the whole of my heart is so much greater than the sum of its parts. It’s all or nothing. All of me in exchange for all of you. I want you to live for me. I’m so flawed.  Foul mouthed but sweet despite being battle tested and still, everything I have and am will be yours. I want to see in you, a man with eyes for only one woman. I don’t know what that looks like yet.

My mind is like a steel trap, preventing me from sleep. You make me forget, you’re intent on setting me free. The darkness ceases to exist. Everything makes sense in your light. But please don’t try any harder. I can’t fall any further.

If you ever have to leave, you would never have to wonder how I’d remember you because there are a million living memories residing within me.

Of course I am going to love you like I’m dying. When you’re beaten down, you know tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

I’ve earned the love, not just the lust. But I still want you to watch me undress. Grab me by my hair and kiss me until I forget. Lift me onto your lap and rub the small of my spine. Make your mark on my body. There’s making love, there’s sex and then, there’s this.

This moment right here is where we start the story from. The story of who we could become, together.

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