Finding Purpose

Very often I have a revelation of something that is so profound, I need to make notes. Writer’s syndrome I call it. This past weekend, I’ve had a reconnection with my spirit which is always wonderful but also had a few lightbulbs going off – sometimes simultaneously – that ended up causing an electrical circuit, literally. We had the power trip three times during the workshop I assisted in. No coincidence. The energy was palpable.

I’ve always held the belief that my worth was determined by the outer purpose in which my life was centred. We’re a society that promotes that way of living right? It’s ironic that despite the accumulation of stuff; even if it’s lots of very nice stuff; even if it’s a little of very nice stuff – the feeling of emptiness often remains. The gratification ends swiftly. So we endeavour to get better, more expensive stuff in an attempt to fill the hole. We become more educated, buy the bigger house, fancier car, trendier clothes and attempt to transform our physical body – all in the hope that these efforts would make us feel better emotionally and spiritually somehow. And it does some of the time. But never lasts.

Weirdly,  or perhaps wonderfully, my outer purpose has failed like a mofo. Dramatically. Often. And yet now, my inner purpose is thriving. It is operating completely separately from the external. The law of impermanence means that everything externally will fail. And end. And die. And can be lost. The inner purpose is consistent. And if we truly get that, as I did this weekend in the most profound way,  our happiness would never be dependent on external things or people. It is within and without. A consciousness liberated from thought forms.

In the matrix of our lives, spirituality needs to be the foundation within which our lives are built. Especially if we want sustained joy and happiness. It’s a state of mind. Not something tangible. That’s the definition of success. The service of your ‘being’ first before the needs of the ‘human’.

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